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Mar 21


Not one of my clients in the past has ever wanted to be arrested for drunk driving. What I mean by that is, no one sets out to drink too much and get behind the wheel of a vehicle. There are a million scenarios in which people are charged with DUI in Maryland. Although a drunk driving arrest may be unfortunate, there are steps you should and can take when dealing with a DUI arrest.


The first and most important step is to get help. Help may me be in the form of many fashions, support from friends and family, as well as legal help in the form of a DUI defense lawyer. There’s no need to throw your hands in the air and give up after a DUI or DWI arrest. If you take the appropriate steps after the arrest you can mitigate or even diminish the chances of serious consequences.
In Maryland, the consequences can come from two separate tribunals or governmental agencies. The first set of consequences comes in the form of administrative penalties to your privilege to drive. In Maryland, the courts and law have classified a driver’s license as a “privilege.” That means, you do not have an absolute right to drive a motor vehicle, however, you are granted a privilege by the state of Maryland to operate a motor vehicle.
The State has set out specific rules and regulations that come with this privilege. One of these rules and regulations is the “implied consent rule.” This means, when you receive a license or privilege drive or you operate a motor vehicle within the boundaries of Maryland, you implicitly consent to submit to an alcohol test if you’re suspected of drunk driving.
There are various consequences to submitting to a breath test or blood test as well as consequences to refusing this test. Those consequences may come in the form of a license suspension or the requirement to participate in the ignition interlock program.
The second set of consequences is what may happen when you go to court. The drunk driving laws in Maryland are specific and set forth the rules and procedures by which a person can be found guilty of DUI or DWI. In Maryland, there is a distinction between DUI, “driving under the influence,” and DWI, “driving while impaired.”
The distinction is in the form of the evidence required to find you guilty as well as the penaltiesthat may be imposed if convicted. The judges in Maryland are the ones that impose the sentence and penalties for drunk driving convictions. Unlike some jurisdictions and states, the jury does not dictate the consequences if you’re found guilty of drinking and driving.


Judges in Maryland can impose various sanctions for convicted drunk drivers. Those sanctions may include fines, court costs, probation, either supervised or unsupervised, as well as various other conditions such as alcohol education and treatment, community service, and any other appropriate action the court feels is necessary to prevent a subsequent drunk driving incident. With the help of an experienced Maryland DUI lawyer, you may be able to avoid or mitigate the potential outcome after a DUI arrest.


If you’re charged with drunk driving and you need to know how to deal with the drunk driving arrest and everything after, you need to seek advice from an experienced DUI and DWI defense lawyer. Our DUI lawyer can guide you through the steps from preserving your privilege to drive to helping you prepare for trial and avoiding enhanced penalties and consequences. Contact the Law Offices of Randolph Rice today if you’ve been charged with DUI in Maryland and learn how to deal with your DUI or DWI arrest.

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