10 Signs You Should Invest in a DUI Lawyer

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You’ve been out enjoying a few drinks and realize it’s time to head home. These are the 10 signs you should invest in a DUI lawyer:

  • You have a few drinks to many, but decide to
  • drive yourself home. On your way home you’re
  • pulled over, and to your surprise the officer tells you that you were swerving or speeding. The officer asks you to
  • step out of the vehicle and perform some field sobriety test.
  • You fail the various test administered to you and are subsequently
  • arrested for DUI. After being processed and released, you head home. A few days have passed and you finally get your
  • court papers in the mail and they are informing you of
  • your court date. As your court date nears, you become nervous because you either know
  • you are guilty of or falsely charged with driving under the influence. You also know that you are
  • not familiar with the court system and will not be able to navigate the system in a way that will minimize your consequences.

These are 10 signs you should invest in a DUI lawyer.

Sometimes, people associate lawyers with high bills and minimal results. They often feel that they have a good shot if they defend the DUI on their own without the help of a lawyer. But the truth is, a DUI lawyer is your best option when facing a DUI charge, which ultimately can land you in jail along with a host of other negative effects such as fines and loss of employment. A drunk driving lawyer can do a few beneficial things for you:
  • DUI lawyers have connections in the legal field. DUI lawyers deal with the same arresting officers and prosecuting lawyer’s day after day. A DUI lawyer will often have information on which officers are qualified to administer field sobriety test, who has been subject to disciplinary actions, etc. This is the kind of information you want to have when defending a DUI charge.
  • DUI lawyers can provide opinions on your case. A DUI lawyer knows the state laws surrounding DUI’s and can essentially tell you the likely outcome in the situation based on your specific facts. This expertise will allow the lawyer to determine how you should plea to minimize the damages.
  • DUI lawyers can bargain your sentence. In general, a lawyer’s job is to get their client the best outcome possible given the facts and the law. This bargaining skill will be useful in minimizing possible guilty verdicts or even avoiding jail by bargaining for drug treatment programs.
The Maryland DUI lawyers with the Law Offices of Randolph Rice have been defending clients throughout Maryland since 2009. Attorney Randolph Rice is a former prosecutor in Baltimore Countyand ins’t afraid to take your case to trial and win. With a skilled DUI lawyer, you increase your chances of a better outcome. Keep your privilege to drive and avoid jail time with a DUI lawyer by your side in court.
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